Czech-Brazilian Wedding of Katerina & Guilherme at Chateau Bon Repos

This Czech-Brazilian wedding was really something exceptional to plan. When I met them for the first time, I saw a couple sooo in love, so easy going, relaxed and with the best vibe. They only told me they wanted to enjoy their wedding as much as possible. The whole planning was in the same mood. I had created a design board, had suggested decorations, prints and style of the wedding and waited for their feedback. They loved everything so much that they decided to leave pretty much everything up to me. It was very special for me. I appreciate they had so much trust in me and I’m really happy they loved the result. That’s the best thing ever!

You can see below, if you like the design and decorations ideas I created. The theme was “boho” rustic but elegant using mostly pale colours.

The wedding of Katka and Gui was rustic / elegant boho style with pale colour palette and a touch of wine-coloured and dark pink to light everything up. We rented different pieces of furniture, carpets, used geometrical shapes and created seating out of pallet furniture.

Chateau Bon Repos, located about 50 km from Prague, offers a beautiful historical pavilion. However the bride had a dream of an outside wedding so we were the first ones who took a chance and did everything outside under a lovely tent.

We brought everything – tables, chairs, flowers, lights, decorations, Bedouin tent, decorated it with light bulbs and of course a great catering company.

In order guests could enjoy the view in the garden, we created a lounge in a shade of trees made of pallet furniture, carpets, pillows and with a little tepee to match the ceremony teepee.

Preperations of the tent, furniture and decorations took us 2 days. And then around noon on the wedding day, preparations of the bride, the groom and their close ones could also begin.

Ceremony was held in a park overlooking all the beautiful trees and also the chateau. it ws sooo magical! I truly enjoyed all the happiness and joy you could see in all the guest’s eyes, especially the Brazilian part. This is simply why I love doing weddings…

Chairs and tables were wooden, the decorations were in gray tones, light green and pale colours. I went for a bit for rustic style but with a touch of elegance. How do you like the different type of chairs I chose?

Guests received a little flowerpot of echeveria with “Thank you” tags. Wedding invitations together with all the other prints were styled to Boho style and all the colours we used.

After a lovely dinner there was time for some sweets! And of course all had to match the design concept. I wanted to achieve something interesting and unusual, that is why we chose three cakes with three different flavours. The newlyweds and guests loved the idea so I was really happy! Also I chose a rustic old wooden table for the service.

There was a second lounge made of armchair, sofa, ottoman in front of the Bedouin tent. There were tables with sweets as a part of the seating so it made it very special. To make it more comfortable, we used table lamps, candles and a bulb chain. It was such a cosy and comfortable lounge, guests loved it.

There must be a caipirinha cocktail at each Brazilian wedding. This wedding wasn’t any different. Guests could prepare their own drink with a little help of bartenders. The evening party was amazing! There was a live band, guests drank and ate whatever they wanted and the dance floor was full of Brazilian wild spirit.

I want thank to every single person who was part of this wonderful wedding. It was so worth it and I loved each minute working on it. It was such a successful wedding! I loved seeing Katka and Gui being so happy and in love. I loved that they enjoyed it together, every single detail, every minute of it. Seeing their happy faces is the biggest “thank you” I could hope for. Thank you for leaving  pretty much everything up to me. Thank  you for your huge trust! Not only me but all suppliers enjoyed the planning. Sending lots of love to you both to Brazil!




I would love to thank you a looooooooot for all your hard work to make our unique day perfect. We enjoyed it a lot and from all sides there are positive words only. We were 110% satisfied with the choice of suppliers you recommended us. We admire your willingness to fulfil our dream wedding and we are so grateful having you two. Personally, I am happy, I chose your agency and I am glad we managed the long distance planning even though it was not always easy with me. I would love to thank you again, girls. I have never felt such a big gratitude and joy! Thank you again! I hope there will be at least small opportunity to stay in touch a bit in a future. With love, Katka & Gui

I would like to thank to all suppliers who were part of this wedding. Thanks to them all dreams came true.

Venue: Chateau Bon Repos

Wedding planning & design: Lucie Hola Weddings

Photographer: Dara Rakovcik




Wedding entertainment for your destination wedding in Prague and beyond


It is natural that you and your guests would like to have the best memories on your wedding day especially when they come a long distance for a wedding in Prague or somewhere else in the Czech Republic. But how to achieve it?

Wedding entertainment is a big topic that I often deal with my clients. The basis of a wedding is, of course, the part around the ceremony, everything should be about family, emotions, romance, well-being and mutual love. But what about the rest of a wedding day? It is necessary to grasp this time correctly in order to take care of guests and have a good time. This is the basis of success!

After all the years I have been organizing weddings, I have selected a few points that I believe are crucial to a success of a wedding. I believe that these points might help you, what to focus on.


  1. To fulfill the main wish of a bride – someone has a dream about a flower decoration / someone wants to look great, to have perfect dress, hair and make-up / someone just wants to dance to the rhythm of a good band / someone wants a great photographer to have beautiful photos / someone longs for a beautiful wedding venue. Usually it is 2-3 points, which are crucial for a bride. I recommend focusing on these points and trying to meet them as much as possible. Other less important points might be matter of compromises, if needed.
  1. To fulfill the main wish of a groom– he feels good during the preparations and also on a wedding day. I find that a groom wants to have good alcohol / good music / good flow of a wedding day, not to be much organized / wants guests to have a great time / and he does not want to be bothered with taking pictures too much.
  2. To ensure guests are satisfied– how to do this? Based on my experience, I would summarize it in 4 key points:
  3. To have enough food and drinks, and excellent service.
  4. To have a well-prepared time schedule, so that guests do not get bored and are pleasantly surprised and excited about something.
  5. To have a perfectly organized wedding and communicate with the guests – that they always know what is going to happen, what to expect, but at the same time it is very natural and relaxed.
  6. To have a good entertainment, and by “good” I mean not embarrassing, not forced. But if you have a well-set schedule for the day, you will not need much of it. A good music is essential.

As you can see, there are only a few points. I can really confirm that if you stick to these points and fulfill all of them, you have almost won. See more details to make your day very special below!

Then you can fine-tune details that will make your wedding day more pleasant and enthusiastic. There are many of them. Here are some tips for inspiration.


If a budget allows, it is always great to invest in something like this. It makes your wedding day special, and it can be an unforgettable experience for your guests.

  • Gentlemen’s bar, or some themed “corner” according hobbies of a bride and a groom
  • Photobooth or polaroid with a book where guests can write wishes and messages
  • Funny dance of a bride with her dad / groom / grandfather, eventually some dance of a groom / bridesmaids / groomsmen etc.
  • “Messages in the bottle” – wishes, tips and messages for a bride and a groom on their 1st anniversary
  • Sweet bar with nicely designed desserts will go well with a wedding cake
  • Lounge, either sofas and chairs or blankets with pillows
  • Ice cream / sorbet bar, or just ice lolly or sorbet with vodka
  • Coffee bar with a great barista
  • Stylish cocktail bar
  • Prosecco mini van, where guests can shoot their Prosecco and it is also possible to attach a beer barrel
  • Sparklers / flying lanterns / balloon cards / fireworks and more


I recommend avoiding wedding games as much as possible. It is better to well-set a wedding schedule, so that boring downtime does not occur at all and therefore games are not needed. Of course, if you are starting a wedding ceremony around noon, there is nothing else to do and you will have to fill in the time between the reception and the evening party.

However, a few wedding games are often worth it, I can recommend these:

  • Newlywed quiz
  • Chairs, where guests always have to bring something (tie / pint of beer / phone / bra, etc.). Those who fall out have to do some specific task for the newlyweds in the future (to take them to a cinema / bake a cake, etc.).
  • Of course, traditions are also a part of a wedding entertainment (smashing plates, throwing of a bouquet, 1st dance, cake cutting, etc.)

There are really many entertainment options. But the basis is a great organization of a wedding – if you set the schedule of the day correctly, the fun creates itself and does not have to be forced. A final point: remember that where the bride and the groom are, there are guests also! If you will sit by a table with a glass of wine, guests will be there too. If you want a full dance floor, dance on it.

I wish you a wonderful wedding time full of great entertainment!!!

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Prague, feel free to contact me!


Lucie Holá, Prague wedding planner & event designer