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Entrust Yourself Into Good HandsChoose your professional well, and entrust your wedding finances into good hands. As you would not entrust your money to just anyone, choose someone who will truly help you make your day special, recommend the best providers, show you where to save money, and most importantly, will work hard from the very beginning till the end to make your day extraordinary. Let me be the one on call - you enjoy the wedding day.

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How many weddings do you produce a year?

I limit the amount of weddings and events we take on each year to ensure I can dedicate the amount of time needed for each client. With that said, I typically take no more than 15 total weddings per year.

How much costs a standard wedding you plan?

Each wedding is different and we tailor the budget to each wedding individually. It all depends on the venue choice, level of food & beverages, chosen vendors and of course amount of guests. Typically the budget is around 300-800.000 CZK for a wedding of 80 guests in a very nice location. All depends on your choice.

Where do you organize the weddings?

I typically organize weddings in Prague and surrounding areas up to 1,5 hour from Prague. But in case our clients are interested in some chateaus further away it is not a problem. I have organized many weddings in Hluboka castle or Cesky Krumlov city, Mitrowicz castle and others which are further away from Prague.

I work long hours and am very busy, can you meet late at night and/or on weekends?

Together with my colleague we do try our best to accommodate most schedules, our typical available meeting times are during normal business hours (on a non-event week, that would be Mon-Fri 9am-7pm). Very often we work on the weekends and late hours too. We are very flexible in terms of later hours or morning Skype calls in case you come from outside Europe. In general we are very flexible.

What is your payment structure?

Once we have met and have entered into contract, a 50% retainer is required to hold your wedding date, and then the nal payment is due four weeks before the event date. Payment can be arranged via bank transfer, or PayPal.

What is your typical preference for communication?

We greatly prefer email over any other means of communication, mainly because of how much information is exchanged throughout the course of planning, it allows us to keep records of everything discussed. We also like to do check-in meetings over the phone, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp for photos or quick questions.

How many times do I have to come to Czech before the wedding?

 It depends on whether you will have an official wedding ceremony or a symbolic one. Typically we recommend 2 visits in the Czech Republic prior to wedding. 1st visit – venues site inspections (not necessary, sometimes we do the site inspection for clients) 2nd visit – paperwork, food tasting, wedding cake tasting, meeting the florist, make-up/hair rehearsal and anything else needs to be arranged.

How does it work when I live abroad?

You don’t have to worry about living abroad. Majority of our clients live abroad and we are used to everyday communication in English. We usually communicate via e-mail and Skype. We also share a special document with all information regarding the wedding so that you are always in a loop.

What type of weddings do you organize the most?

Most of our weddings are Czech-foreign or fully foreign. I personally love mixing different nationalities at weddings.

Most of our clients live abroad and they come usually only once or twice before the wedding or some can come only once for the wedding.

How many languages can you speak?

Lucie (the owner) speaks 4 languages – English, French, a bit of German and Czech. She understands some Italian.

Jana (Senior Wedding Planner) speaks 3 languages – English, French and Czech.