Prague wedding planner – why to hire the planner? Which one to choose?

5.02.2018 LuckaH Weddings


Have you ever been on a wedding where no-one was in charge of the organization part, guests weren´t sure where to go or what will be happening, you were a bit hungry and really thirsty? Were you bored and there was not enough entertainment?

Those are some of the reasons why it is good to have the wedding planner. Someone who you pass all the responsibility. The wedding planner is then in charge of everything and everybody. I know that the clients can fully rely on me and don´t have to worry about any details. If they need any advice or help, I´m always there for them. During the whole wedding planning I´m in charge of everything – finding the right venue, negotiations with the wedding venue and suppliers and overall communications with everyone. I´m the only contact person of my clients so I save them plenty of time.

I find it very difficult for the clients to find a proper wedding planner / wedding agency on the Czech market. There are so many of them! One of my client recently told me that he finds it extremely difficult to find out the differences between the wedding agencies and doesn´t know how to pick. How can you tell at the beginning that the person will really be in charge of YOUR wedding, will deal with you during the whole planning process and actually be there on the wedding day? How do you know that the person puts 150% of the energy to your wedding? How do you know that she is a true professional? You don´t. I think you cannot find this out from the internet, you have to live through it :-). Unfortunately there aren´t many good agencies on the market so make sure you pick very carefully.

I always say – just look at the web pages, look at the photos, meet the owner and connect all the impressions to make sure it is the right wedding planner for you.

Make sure you have all this in mind once you are picking the wedding planner:

  • When you meet the owner make sure you click. You will be in touch with this person for the whole time. You want her to be professional, pleasant, reliable and good person all in one.
  • Make sure the wedding planner is true professional and has plenty of experience from the past with good reviews.
  • Don´t let yourself push to anything! You are the client and you should always have the last word.

It is important so that your wedding planner plans the wedding with perfection and focus on detail. She should offer you suppliers according to your taste, ideas and budget. She shouldn´t make mistakes, she needs to give you a lot of advice and put the whole wedding together. Then she needs to coordinate the wedidng day with perfection and smile, needs to resolve problems very quickly without anyone noticing and so on. You see it is not always easy to find out all this from the first impression.

My clients often say that at the beginning they cannot even imagine what I will do as a wedding planner and then during the planning process and after the wedding they are thrilled and say that they would never ever be able to manage it themselves.

So how do you find out if the wedding planner is the one? Try meeting the owner and you will see how it goes!