PragueSelection of wedding venues in Prague


Ceremony: Yes, capacity 100 outdoor
Reception: capacity 100 outdoor or indoor
Booking: starting at 120.000 CZK
Accommodation: Yes, capacity up to 35 rooms
Music: outside till 10 pm,  22:00 venku, inside at the bar until 3 am
Parking: Yes

My recommendation: very good all in one option. Also is possible to arrange a tent in the courtyard which gives you more space in case of bad weather.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity 100
Reception: capacity 100
Minimum consumption: starting at 85.000 CZK
Accommodation: Yes, capacity up to 79 rooms
Music: unlimited, after 1 am fee for each additional hour
Parking: Yes, in hotel Marriott (Valet parking)

My recommendation: if you decide for this pretty ballroom, choose some gardens or another pretty venue for the ceremony and then arrange some interesting and fun transportation for the guests. Also I recommend to use special lighting for this room, it gives it much better atmosphere.


Ceremony: Yes, in the top garden, capacity 100-120
Reception: bottom part Terra capacity 100-130, top part Nobile capacity 108 (smaller rooms and glass room)
Booking: possible to book the villa or the whole vineyard privately
Accommodation: No
Music: outside till 10 pm, inside in the top part possible until late at night
Parking: No

My recommendation: think well about the transportation for the guests as it is quite difficult location with high heels, cars or so. I recommend ceremony in the top garden or at Lobkowicz palace, reception in the bottom part of Villa Richter and party in the top part. Make sure your suppliers are ready for this venue. It is incredible but as well quite difficult for organisation.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity 150
Reception: capacity 120 maximum
Minimum consumption: 12.000 EUR
Accommodation: Yes
Music: until 10:00 p.m.
Parking: Yes, underground garage for up to 150 cars

My recommendation: this is a very bood “all in one” option with amazing views. You can consider this venue for pre-wedding dinner or an after-wedding brunch.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity 120
Reception:  capacity up to 200
Rental fee for ceremony: 19 – 49.000 CZK
Rental fee for reception: 55 – 275.000 CZK
Accommodation: No
Music: unlimited
Parking: Yes, capacity: 2 cars (usually used for suppliers)

My recommendation: combination of cocktail at the terrace with the lovely view, followed by the ceremony in the historical hall and then continue to Villa Richter for cocktails, reception and party. These venues are right next to each other, both with incredible views.


Ceremony: Yes, in Vrtba garden for up to 120 guests or in the hotel on the terrace for 30 guests
Reception: capacity 100
Booking: various pricing depending on the size of wedding
Accommodation: Yes, 51 rooms
Music: until midnight
Parking: Yes, 3-5 parking spots

My recommendation: if you are looking for a city centre, luxury, great food and service and something very special, this might be your choice. Use the possibility of having the best Prague garden just next door. You can organize a ceremony, or cocktail, fireshow or wedding cake cutting in the garden. Also you have possibility to visit one of the most beautiful terraces in Prague with direct view of the Prague castle and Prague roofs.


Ceremony: Yes, up to 120 guests in the hotel´s hallway or at the courtyard

Reception: Up to 120 guests
Booking: various pricing depending on the size of wedding
Accommodation: Yes, 99 rooms including 22 apartments
Music: until 1 a.m., end until 2 a.m.
Parking: Yes, 15 parking spots

My recommendation: one of the most incredible venues in Prague, historical monastery rebuilt into a luxurious private hotel in the city centre. Service and food is one of the best. This hotel is located very close to Vrtba Gardens which is also a beautiful venue for a wedding ceremony. Or you can simply have the ceremony in the courtyard of the hotel and have it all in one.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity up to 70 guests
Reception: capacity up to 70 guests, more possible in the ballroom
Minimum consumption: depending on space, starting on 55.000 CZK
Accommodation: YES, 101 rooms
Music: allowed until 10:00 p.m., in St. Thomas Brewery unlimited
Parking: YES, capacity for 8 cars (not possible to guarantee in advance)

My recommendation: this venue is located right in the city centre. Perfect combination with St. Thomas church located  right next to it.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity up to 250 guests
Reception: capacity up to 250 guests
Booking: starting from 18.000 CZK excl. VAT per hour
Accommodation: NO
Music: allowed until midnight
Parking: NO

My recommendation: this venue is located right in the city centre. You can either have all in one here or combine it. You can make a ceremony in Prague Crossroads and then move to Pachtuv Palace, Bellevue, Mlynec restaurant, Four Seasons hotel or Zofin Palace. All very close.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity 200 garden, small hall 300
Reception: capacity small hall 180, large hall 900
Rental fee: as per requirements
Accommodation: No, but many hotels close by
Music: outside till 10 pm, inside until 3:00 a.m.
Parking: Yes, 40 places, 8 buses

Zofin palace is one of the most  beautiful palaces in Prague. It is located in the centre of  Prague, has a lovely garden and is perfect as “all in one” option.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity: approx. 100 outdoor, 60 indoor
Reception: capacity 120 maximum
Booking: starts at 50.000 CZK
Accommodation: No
Music: outside till 10 pm, inside without time ristrictions (ultimately until 4 am)
Parking: Not directly on-site – the restaurant building is located in a park. Parking lot is located in Kostelni street (next to the park entrace) or nearby in Letenska field (guaranteed parking lot)

My recommendation: use this venue for a reception and party. For the ceremony I would recommend another venue, either some nice ballroom, garden or chateau as there can be many local people at Letna that time overlooking your ceremony.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity up to 150 guests
Reception: capacity up to 150 guests
Booking: rental fee usually 49.000 CZK incl. VAT
Accommodation: YES, 28 rooms
Music: allowed until 3 a.m.
Parking: YES

My recommendation: perfect combination chateau-garden-tent located in Prague with accomodation and great food. Can be combined with the ceremony in the city centre.


Ceremony: Yes, up to 180 guests

Reception: Up to 180 guests
Booking: rental fee from 15.000 CZK excl. VAT
Accommodation: Yes, 2 rooms for preparations
Music: until 2 a.m.
Parking: Yes, 10 parking spots

My recommendation: this venue is located right next to Prague castle so it is very easy to get to Prague castle or to the views for photographs. You can use this venue for ceremony only followed by a lovely cocktail in the courtyard if requested.


Ceremony: Yes, possible in the church located in the premises, or in the garden. Capacity up to 200 guests

Reception: capacity 200 guests

Rental fee: depending on chosen rooms, around 90.000 CZK

Accommodation: Yes, in Hotel Adalbert located in the premises, capacity 42 beds

Music: allowed until 2 am

Parking: Yes, capacity 100 cars complimentery


Ceremony: Yes, capacity up to 130 guests
Reception: capacity up to 130 guests
Booking: starting from 38.000 CZK excl. VAT per hour
Accommodation: NO
Music: allowed until midnight
Parking: NO

My recommendation: this venue is located right in the city centre next to Charles Bridge. You can have the ceremony in Vrba gardens which are few metres from here and then follow with cocktail, reception and party here. Other venues suitable for ceremony around this venue are Palace Gardens or St. Vitus Church.


Ceremony: Yes, capacity outside and inside 100
Reception: capacity up to 100
Minimum consumption: 180.000 CZK exclusive of VAT
Accommodation: Yes, apartments in the Salabka premises for up to 15 guests
Music: outside until 10 pm, inside until 2 am
Parking: Yes, capacity 30 cars

My recommendation: You can combine this lovely vinyard with Troja Castle which is located 10 minutes walk from here. You can have a lovely luxurious ceremony in Troja castle with incredible gardens and then move here for after cocktails, reception and party.