Czech-foreign or fully foreign destination wedding in Prague

5.02.2018 LuckaH Weddings

Czech-foreign or fully foreign destination wedding in Prague

I’ve organized plenty of destination weddings in Prague in the past. Very often I organize Czech-foreign weddings usually a Czech girl marrying a foreign guy but sometimes the other way round. It is very popular to arrange a destination wedding in Prague so I also organize full foreign weddings. In my opinion these are extremely interesting weddings due to the different traditions and different views on the wedding itself. Each nationality and each person is expecting and used to something different.

It is very different to organize a Czech wedding or a German, Norwegian, British, Scottish, American, Chinese and others. I believe reading this you feel the differences yourself. Each nationality has different culture, typology and behaviour of guests, different food habits and times of eating. To me it is very important to communicate all the requirements and expectations and typology of guests with my clients to fulfill all their wishes and satisfy all the guests.

Lately wedding in Prague has become very popular for Scandinavians. I organized Norwegian wedding,  Finnish wedding and also Danish wedding, all in Prague. Still waiting for my first Swedish wedding though! 🙂


In my past I organized weddings with sooo many different nations. From top of my head it was: France, Spain, Norway, England, Ireland, Scotland, US, Canada, South African Republic, India, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, Korea, Japan, China, Slovenia, Australia… wooow quite many behind me!

I love organizing weddings for different nationalities in combination to Czech surroundings and venues. Someone is used to ceremony at noon, someone at 5 p.m.. Someone isn´t expecting to eat much at the beginning, someone is used to eating from 8 p.m..

If you organize a wedding in the Czech republic and you are foreign, make sure to take good care about the paper work. It is not easy to arrange all the paper work, you (or your wedding planner) needs to cooperate closely to the registry office to make sure they have all the documents needed.


I´ve organized quite many symbolic ceremonies as well. If you aren´t able to manage all the paper work or it is just much more simple to get married officially in your country this is the best way how to make your ceremony really nice. You can hire very good actors who make the ceremony exactly according to your wishes.

If you are inviting guests from all over the world I suggest arrange a pre-wedding dinner or simple Czech style dinner with barbecue and good beer where everyone gets to know each other and so they would be very relaxed on the wedding day. These pre-wedding evenings are truly magical and release any kind of tension. I also I love arranging the after wedding brunch where newlyweds can say a proper goodbye and share all the memories from the previous day.

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There are plenty of differences between nationalities that I could talk about for ages. However it is always important to think about the guests in general and make compromises to make not only your guests happy but most importantly the two of you.


Here you can find testimonials from some of my former destination weddings:

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Katharina & Yair Czech-Norwegian-German wedding

Lucile & Pavel – Czech-French wedding

Natalie & Anthony – Czech-British wedding

Lena & Nikita – Russian wedding

Nika & Alex – Czech-British wedding

Martina & Jerome – Slovakian-French wedding

Denisa & Alp – Czech-Turkish wedding

Jitka & Guillermo – Czech-Spanish wedding

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