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Wedding venues in Prague, Czech Republic

5.02.2018 LuckaH Weddings

Wedding venues in Prague, Czech Republic

If you are planning a destination wedding in Prague you might consider Prague or some lovely chateaus outside Prague. It really depends on what you’re expecting from your wedding, what you want your guests to see and if they don’t mind traveling. There are plenty of lovely wedding venues in the Czech Republic but make sure you choose the right one.


  • What’s the owner of the venue like?
  • What’s the wedding manager like?
  • How is service / how do the waiters behave?
  • How is food & beverage?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Are all costs included in the calculation or will they charge any unexpected expenses later on?

That is why you should read the testimonials and ask for references. From my experience I can say it’s the best to hire an experienced wedding planner. Myself I’m always trying to help my clients decide. I tell them pros and cons and tell them the whole background. I can explain them why one venue might be better than the other. With me they don’t have to be worried about not choosing well.

Big advantage  of organizing  a wedding  in Prague is the location. It is located in the centre of Europe so it is very well reachable from other countries. There is plenty of accommodation options so it is very easy for guests to find accommodation which suites them or you can find a lovely hotel where all or part of your guests would be accommodated together. Other reasons for organizing a destination wedding in Prague you can find here.

In Prague there are different types of venues you can choose from – palaces, gardens, hotels or restaurants of many different styles. Or also the Prague castle.

Some tips for the wedding venues in Prague you can find in my list of preferred venues HERE. If you are looking for a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Prague or outside Prague in the Czech Republic, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can find your ideal wedding venue together.

Below you can see few pictures to get an idea of what wonderful options there are in Prague.

Besides these romantic elegant venues there are also few very interesting industrial wedding venues in Prague which are lately very popular. Here you can go for Scandinavian or geometric style wedding. You just have to set your style and then choose the right venue.


Good luck with the planning and I wish you a lovely wedding!