Wedding in the Czech Republic / Destination wedding in Prague

5.02.2018 LuckaH Weddings

Prague is located in the center of Europe. That is one of the reasons why couples often think of organizing their wedding in the Czech Republic, but there are plenty other reasons as well:

Outdoor wedding ceremony

Outdoor wedding in the Czech Republic, for more details contact me – Lucie Hola, the Prague Wedding Planner,


  • It is super easy to reach Prague by plane from all around the world
  • The Czech Republic is a country with plenty of castles and historical buildings combined with a wonderful countryside and nature
  • The Czech Republic is famous for its beer, which is one of the best in the world. It is usually cheaper than water!
  • Weddings in Czech cost much less compared to many countries around the world. The cost therefore becomes much more reasonable.
  • There are many beautiful venues for weddings. In historical palaces, gardens or simply a lovely restaurant with a view.
  • It is very popular to spend a few days before rafter the wedding in Prague or travel around Czech and make it a lovely holiday. I sometimes organize more days for all the guests where we are traveling around Czech exploring castles, breweries, local vineyards or historical cities.
  • Prague is a wonderful city for exploring, enjoying great food and drinks for reasonable prices, and has easy transportation and nice people.
  • And of course sometimes couples have a personal reason connected to Prague.

Wedding organized by Lucie Hola, the Prague Wedding Planner,


Do you think it is difficult to organize a wedding abroad? Are you worried about not visiting Prague in advance? I will try to explain how it usually works.

Most of my clients live abroad. Usually either a Czech girl marrying a foreign guy, or they are both foreign. We communicate in English. I provide all the materials in English such as budget, time schedule, all contracts, offers etc. I really like if my clients come for 1 meeting to choose the venue and do the food tasting because it’s great if they can see all the venues in person. However, I’ve had plenty of cases when they didn’t visit as they were from far abroad (e.g. Australia, USA, Canada.) I simply made them plenty of photos and videos so that they could feel like they’ve been there and are able to make the right decision. It works just as well.

Then, all the communication is done through e-mail, Skype and sometimes Whatsapp. I’m available almost 24/7 for my brides to discuss all the little details.

Additionally, I meet all vendors in Prague or outside Prague on behalf of my clients. This includes the suppliers, wedding venue coordinators, and catering, where I discuss all the details and plan the wedding.


Wedding organized by Lucie Hola, the Prague Wedding Planner,


If you know anything about the Czech Republic, you know that the food is quite heavy and not for everyone. I always work on making the food on the wedding day enjoyable for the concrete nationality. Often I organize a pre-wedding dinner where I propose a barbeque or a typical spread of Czech food and beer so that the guests experience the best from Czech.


Wedding organized by Lucie Hola, the Prague Wedding Planner,


I always help my clients deal with the legal paper work as I’m in touch with the registry office and have full power for that. Right before the wedding, the couple needs to go to the registry office and sign the documents. By then we know that all the documents are taken care of.


I have plenty of experience organizing weddings so my clients can always rely on my professionalism and the fact that I always find the best suppliers which not only suit their style ideas and budget, but also personalities. I know most of the suppliers on the Czech market in person so I can tell if they are good or not. I give my clients all of my energy and I make an effort to make each wedding perfect and tailored for the couple.

From my experience, all the guests from abroad are always super excited about the wedding in Prague or Czech as it is something they have never thought of or experienced. Most of them have never been to Prague and they are amazed by the historical buildings, views, great food and drinks, and the great service the suppliers provide. Prague provides a wonderful location for the couple and guests alike.

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