Wedding ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic (Destination wedding)

5.02.2018 LuckaH Weddings

One of the most important moments of the wedding day is the ceremony. In Prague there are many venue options for the wedding ceremony. There are plenty of palaces, gardens, terraces, churches in Prague or even outside Prague.

There are few different ways of getting married in the Czech Republic.

  • CHURCH – there are mostly catholic churches in Prague. You can arrange the ceremony in a church / chapel or cathedral.
  • ALTERNATIVE RELIGION – there are other religions which have different rules than the catholic religion and can be organized outside a church anywhere you desire. They can make the ceremony very beautiful and they are open to your ideas of a ceremony.
  • NON-RELIGIOUS – “standard” non-religious ceremony with registry office can be happening in town hall or in other certain locations. There must be an interpreter present during the ceremony.
  • SYMBOLIC – you can hire someone to arrange the ceremony very beautifully and exactly according to your wishes. Also you don’t have to struggle with the paperwork.

No matter how you decide, make the ceremony enjoyable for both you and your guests. It will be an important beginning to the rest of the wedding day.


As for a Jewish rabbi, from the research I’ve done in a past, it is possible to organize a wedding in a Jewish synagogue only in the case where both bride and groom are Jewish.

Protestant wedding or orthodox Christianity wedding is also possible in the Czech Republic in specific Churches.


I often organize symbolic wedding ceremonies. A symbolic wedding ceremony is my favorite for many reasons:

  • You don’t need to worry about the paper work as it is sometimes struggle (many nationalities, etc.)
  • You know in advance who will be doing the ceremony and you can discuss and adjust every word said at the ceremony.
  • You can basically tailor the wedding ceremony as per your wishes
  • It can be done in English only (if you have the official registry office they always do it in Czech with English translation)
  • You can organize the wedding anywhere anytime.


Wedding paperwork is usually the trickiest part of wedding planning. After you get all the necessary documents, you will have to have everything translated to Czech by a legal translator and depending on your home country, you may need to get them apostilled/notarized. All the necessary documents confirm that the marriage can be lawfully recognized by the native country.

These are the documents which are mostly requested:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Passport or ID which proves the nationality and identity
  • Certificate of no impediment – you may be able to make a sworn statement at your country’s embassy. Be careful – this document may not be older than 6 months at the time of your marriage.
  • Divorce or death certificate, notarized copy, translated
  • Religious documents if needed, mostly for the church
  • Certificate from Czech Foreign Police no longer than seven days prior wedding. It states that you may legally stay in the Czech Republic.

Depending on the country the documents sometimes need to be apostilled/notarized. Overall documentation will vary by nationality especially if you have more nationalities, permanent residence in another country etc.

Whatever type of ceremony you choose I’m here to plan it for you. Feel free to contact me.