Prague wedding planner reviews

5.02.2018 LuckaH Weddings


I put together few reviews from weddings I planned in Prague or outside Prague. I always say that the reviews / testimonials are the key to getting to know how the wedding planner or agency works and if they are a good fit for what you’re looking for. I would like to thank to all my wonderful clients for the amazing time we spent together by wedding planning.

KATHARINA & YAIR, Norwegian-German-Mexican wedding

My husband and I had the dream of getting married in Prague. We both live and work in Oslo, Norway and so it was clear to us that we would need the help of a wedding professional to help us realize that plan. Lucie and I initially met on my second trip to Prague. I arrived late on a Saturday evening and Lucie met me after 21:00 even though she was already off work and leaving for a vacation the next morning at 4 o’clock. Needless to say I was already impressed that she made the extra effort just to meet with me.

From that first meeting on, Lucie’s genuine desire to make our wedding special and unforgettable became immediately obvious to me. Not only did she already have many wonderful ideas, but more importantly, she took the time to get to know my husband and I as a couple and helped me to visualize what our wedding could look like.

Throughout the entire planning phase of the wedding, it was always a pleasure to work with Lucie. She responded to all my questions in such a timely manner, always supportive and always doing her best to make us happy.

Lucie Hola is an absolute wedding professional and it really is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for her because I can truthfully attest to her excellence in customer service. She handled our entire wedding. The whole time Lucie kept us constantly informed, organized and updated about our budget in a very well structured and transparent way.

She was also extremely friendly and forthcoming in her communications with all wedding stakeholders (bridesmaids, guests, family) before the big day as well as on the wedding day. Our friends and family still speak very highly of her and the wonderful service she provided.

Our wedding really was a dream come true for us – it was everything we had hoped for and more. With Lucie at our side during the whole wedding (up until 2 AM!), we knew that we had absolutely nothing to worry about and could just enjoy our special day. She is truly someone who goes above and beyond to exceed her customer’s expectations and I can recommend her without hesitation. We will always remember the wonderful wedding we celebrated in the beautiful city of Prague and Lucie made it all possible.

Katharina and Yair

KATE & ZACK – US-Philippines couple

We’re an international couple residing in the US who decided to have a destination wedding in Prague. Since I come from the Philippines, my husband from the US, we have guests coming from all over the world, including China, Japan, and Europe. We wanted a planner who could work with us remotely and had experience with international weddings.

Like many brides, I hesitated hiring a wedding planner because of the expense. But my husband and I were living in the US and could not handle the logistics in an overseas country. After contacting five different planners in the Czech Republic, Lucie Hola was the best choice because of her hard work ethic, organization, kindness, and dedication. Best of all, she was professional, responded on time and could give us the personalized wedding we wanted while working within our budget. You cannot believe how many wedding planners do not respond to emails at all, especially when you’re overseas.

My husband and I worked together with Lucie via email and Skype. Because of her, we saved a LOT of money and still got the wedding of our dreams. We wanted a simple, elegant, intimate yet fun wedding that showcased our “around the world” theme. With Lucie’s help, we had our fairytale ceremony in Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle and a wonderful reception with lots of surprises and games at Villa Richter. Best of all, we stayed within budget. You can’t get anything better than that.

With her years of experience, Lucie knew the ins and outs of wedding planning and was able to anticipate things my husband and I had not thought of. She also knew a lot of great suppliers that worked for our type of wedding theme and budget. Planning a wedding on your own is difficult because there are many things that can happen that’s out of your control. In our case, we had a violinist who canceled a few months before the wedding and the day before our big event, we realized our elderly guests would have difficulty getting down from the hilly Villa Richter. Lucie delivered on both occasions and did damage control by finding us a string quartet (better deal) and drove her own car to take our older guests home. We were also able to relax and enjoy our wedding rather than running around taking care of logistics and paying suppliers. Lucie took care of everything!

One theme you will notice among all of Lucie’s reviews is that she and her colleague, Jana, moderated the wedding discreetly and efficiently. They operate in the background but at the same time ensure everything runs smoothly.

And yes, like many reviews here, our guests all said it was the best wedding they’ve attended.

Lucie helped us with the full destination wedding and vacation package. She and Jana assisted us in planning our pre-wedding dinner in a monastery in Prague and booked our tour bus to Cesky Krumlov and Vienna for a group of 20 people. They’re a wedding planning team extraordinaire!

I can fully attest to Lucie’s capabilities to go beyond just the wedding. She really cares for her clients. When I forgot my wedding ring in the hotel when we were en route to Cesky Krumlov, Lucie called the hotel and made sure they kept it safe until my husband and I returned a month later. That’s dedication!

Thank you Lucie for giving us the best day of our lives!

If you want more details about hiring Lucie, I would be happy to discuss any questions you have. Just contact Lucie to get in touch with me.

100% recommend Lucie Hola. She is worth her weight in gold.

JENNIFER & GRAEME – Canadian-Scottish couple

From our initial meeting to the day of our wedding, Lucie paid attention to every detail and we could not thank her enough for guaranteeing that the experience was unforgettable for us and our guests from around the world! Throughout the planning stages, Lucie listened to us and supported our ideas to make what often seemed impossible become possible. She was professional, friendly, flexible, attentive, and genuinely cared about the outcome of our wedding celebrations. She was in regular contact throughout every stage of the wedding planning. As expats in Prague, accessing services could have been challenging due to language barriers. This heightened our reliance on Lucie and she dealt with the pressures without any difficulties. Lucie is highly dedicated and a meticulous planner who utilises her wide range of contacts to design an extraordinary event. We are grateful for her role in our wedding celebrations.

Thank you Lucie, you were amazing to work with!!!!

Jen & Graeme


NIKA & ALEX  –  Slovakian-Brittish couple

I found website of Lucie Hola last year by chance when I was helping my friend plan her wedding. I really liked the style of her presentation and I immediately saw that the girl knows what she’s doing! I thought maybe once I was planning my own wedding, I could get in touch with her. Well, 4 months later we were sitting in on our first meeting. My husband didn’t like the idea of a wedding planner in the first place as we are both very organized ourselves. I have to say, we fought about this a lot. We planned a meeting with 3 wedding agencies on our trip to Prague and met Lucie the last. My husband said that he didn’t even want to go to meet her because he didn’t believe that we could find a wedding planner he would like, as he is very picky. Eventually, he came to the meeting and she blew us away. She spent 3 hours with us discussing everything we asked. She is always so calm, friendly, and has such a professional attitude. We knew we could trust her no matter what and knew instantly that if she would organize our wedding it would be perfect. She has plenty of experience with destination weddings and clients from abroad. My family came from Slovakia and my husband’s family from Britain, and many of our friends travelled from other countries all around the world. Lucie managed to plan and coordinate the wedding to absolute perfection. Her and her colleague spoke Czech and English to everyone, they were so organized, polite, friendly, and managed to coordinate the wedding so that everything went seamlessly. The guests enjoyed every moment of it!

Everyone had very high expectations of our wedding and we wanted it to be perfect. So when it started raining a few moments before the ceremony, which was supposed to happen outside, I couldn’t imagine how Lucie would manage it. She did.

Since our wedding, I’ve heard so many times from friends that our wedding was just PERFECT! And it truly was. I was waiting for some moment where something would go “wrong” and it just didn’t happen. I honestly say that our collaboration and the wedding day exceeded our expectations. My husband has been especially thankful for you and the fact that we hired your services. He eventually confirmed that I was right!

SO THANK YOU LUCIE to you and your lovely colleague. We will be very happy to recommend you as the best wedding planner in the Czech Republic for sure.


Reading all the reviews again make me so emotional… I’m truly blessed to have had such amazing clients… If you want to see more  you can find other testimonials HERE

If you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner for your wedding in Prague or Czech Republic, feel  free to contact me here. We can Skype or so and discuss your ideas and plans. I will be delighted to meet you.